What is a DiSC Assessment?

A DiSC overview is one of the most popular employee evaluation protocols in the business world. It’s used by millions of professionals to describe the personalities of their staff members. The test is administered by a professional evaluator. Each employee’s personality is better understood after answering the questions in the DiSC employee assessment.

Consultants love DiSC because of its results. Using the test results effectively will cause employees to communicate better with each other. They will also display a spike in productivity. You can only utilize someone’s strengths and weaknesses efficiently if you know what they are.

The evaluation helps with conflict management. Each member of your staff will be placed in the role they are best suited for. DiSC is also proven to improve the results of any sales department.

DiSC is an anagram. Each letter represents a phase of the personality.

D – Dominance – If a person shows strong traits in this area, they are known to be good leaders. “D” types get right to the heart of the matter. They are results driven and can see the big picture in any situation. If you are strong in this area, you probably aren’t great at holding back your opinion.

I – Influence – Sales anyone? A person who is strong in this department is sure to consistently hit their monthly sales quote. They are great networkers and are artisans when it comes to persuasion. There are some downsides, though, like a strong desire for attention.

S – Steadiness – Employees who score high in the “S” category show the traits of a reliable worker. Their motto is “slow and steady wins the race.” These people are going to take their time to get the job done. They will also get it right every time. Not everyone can be the star of the team. “S” types are team players who can be the glue that holds together a great staff.

C – Conscientiousness – Every team needs a lone wolf, someone who isn’t afraid to go it alone. This type of person is known to do exhaustive research. This is because they absolutely despise being wrong. They leave no stone unturned in their quest for success and are logical and objective. If you want someone who bases decisions on fact and not emotion, go with this type. People who score high in the “C” category fit well into a team as advisors to important decision makers.