Importance of Fire Alarm Panel in Anticipating Fire

Currently, most school buildings, offices, hospitals, and other public buildings have a fire alarm warning system. The most common is the use of fire alarms and smoke detectors. If the building is only two stories high, of course the handling of fire hazard is not too difficult, but what if a building has a high of 39 floors?

To facilitate fire detection in the case above, as well as to take quick action in the process of monitoring and extinguishing the fire, a device called fire alarm panel is required. This tool serves as a control center for devices that interconnect with each other in a fire warning system in a particular building or location.if you are confused with the way of installation just visit this Fire protection company.

As an illustration, in a building there are 6 fire alarms on the 5th floor, 8 fire alarms on the 7th floor, 5 smoke detectors on the ground floor and 10 smoke detectors on floor 25. Fire alarm panel in this case will help people to as soon May know which tool reacts to the fire so that it can go directly to the floor where the fire occurred.

Fire alarm panels help insiders map locations within a building into zones. Interestingly, the fire alarm panel can map a particular building or location into 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and even 170 zones. Many zones will depend on the extent of the site being monitored.

With the help of built-in telephone in this tool, quick action to announce evacuation and extinguish the fire can be done. On the other hand, fire alarm panels are also equipped with clocks and event logs so the cause of fires can be investigated, crafted, and studied for future security improvements. If you want your life safely just installed fire extinguishers.