Explore the Best Kind of Roofing Service for Your Deal

When choosing a roof, it is very important not to make a mistake with the material, because you want the roof to be not only beautiful, organically fitting into the project of the house, but reliable and durable, usable in our climatic conditions.

In addition, the weight of the roof is important. For example, it is not only impractical, but also dangerous, to install a heavy roof made of natural tile on a light prefabricated frame house with a thin foundation.

So, what you should know when choosing a roof:

The weight of the roof

When building a new house, it is easier to choose a suitable roof, since all the requirements and maximum permissible loads are specified in the project. When installing the roof on the old house will have to take into account the load on the foundation and the roof itself, and the effect of precipitation, for example, 1 square meter of natural tile weighs 60 kg, metal tiles 3-4 kg, flexible tiles 8 kg. In addition, the heavier the roofing material is, the more time it is consuming and long-lasting the process of its installation. From the Toronto roofing company this happens to be a very important matter now.

Resistance to environmental effects: ultraviolet, precipitation, high and low temperatures, winds. Thus, the euro slate and shingles under the influence of the sun’s rays burn out and lose plasticity, which can further lead to the appearance of cracks. Therefore, in our climatic conditions shingles sprinkled with mineral chips or painted. Cement-sand tiles should be treated with water-repellent, because it absorbs moisture well. Paint the galvanized roof, in order to avoid loss of the zinc layer.

Fire resistance

According to the degree of resistance to fire, shingles and Euro-slate are significantly inferior to metal tiles, however, they gain in comparison with reed coatings. Find out the fire resistance index of the roofing material allows combustibility certificates developed for different types of roofing.

Value for money

Here it is necessary to take into account not only the cost of the roofing material, but also the whole range of installation work. Do not forget about the additional elements used in the construction of the roof: skates, corners, decorative elements, gutters.

Durability of the roof

As a rule, the durability of all types of roofing is indicated by the manufacturer, but it is not always true. Poor installation or weather conditions can significantly reduce the life of your roof. On average, modern roofing materials will serve you faithfully for at least 30 years, in special cases, the service life may be 100 years. These are the best options that you will be able to have and that is the reason that you will need to be specific on that matter. The details are specific on these matters that make it perfect for you.