Check out these Apps for easy international money transfer

Do you wish to send money internationally? With the technological advancements consuming each realm of life, even the money transferring ways are not left out. Gone are the days when you had to head out to the official branches of banks or money transfer agents and then make the international transfer happen. Now, you can send money to your friends or family members overseas with much ease with the help of just one click and in the comfort of your home. Various online international money transfer apps are available in the technology market. You can download the same and carry out the transfers all on yourself in a convenient manner.

Here are some top apps for sending money overseas with one click:

  • PayPal: PayPal has been in the money transfer market through online medium since a long time before any other app came into existence. Though sending and receiving money with the help of PayPal might take some time, this efficient app offers the great ability to the users for utilizing the same to pay for various purchases across several establishments. Moreover, it also offers the ease of one-click money transfer to any international accounts in a highly reliable and convenient manner. You can download the PayPal app for both Android as well as iOS usage.
  • Western Union: The name of Western Union is widespread across the world for being the most reliable and safer modes of sending money overseas. Therefore, when it comes to using a mobile application for transferring money, the Western Union app is preferred by many. The Western Union allows the users the send money to friends and family members with much ease and at highly cheaper rates. In addition to this, the Western Union app also grants the ability for sending the money to across 200 countries as well as territories. This app also lets the users know about the exact cost of each money transfer taking through its medium. It also provides all the Western Union branch listings on your smartphone itself.
  • Google Wallet: When it comes to world-class services, the apps by Google stands unmatchable and top-rated. One such app by Google as the Google Wallet is one of the most reliable and effective ways of sending money to your friends and family with much ease. Just like any other online wallet, Google Wallet also ensures the ease of sending and receiving money throughout the United States. You can also make use of the Google Wallet app for paying at retail stores and shopping malls.
  • Venmo: You must have heard of the popular layman language “Venmo Me”. Owing to the fast means of sending and receiving money with this mobile app, Venmo has gained the status to be one of the most reliable and effective ways of transferring money overseas. It is highly easy to send and receive money from friends and family using this app. Any payments made from the Venmo balance, debit cards or even bank accounts through this app costs no extra charges.Venmo simply charges just three percent fee for using the credit cards for transactions. Venmo also boasts “bank-grade” security system. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the potential threat from hackers to get any of your confidential information. You can download this app for both iOS as well as Android smartphones.

If you are looking for instant ways to transfer money internationally, then these apps can be of great help. You can download these on your smartphones for free and enjoy the seamless money transfers!