An Introduction to the Online World’s Biggest Monarchs

All the talk about royalty these days has kept the world hooked. With Meghan Markle joining the royal family and all, many controversies and issues have been making rounds across several (if not all) social media websites. But amidst this monarchic uproar, the biggest monarchs of the online world continue to do work in the shadows – creating, modifying, and restructuring the internet as we speak.

But really, who are these online supergiants?

Well, we can hardly cover all of them in one sitting but I guess we have ample time to name few of the biggest online monarchs, beginning with Google.

Google is dubbed the King of Search Engines and mind you, the name is not just for show. With over a million searches per day, Google continues to uphold its reign as the biggest search engine with an even bigger heart for customer service. Thanks to their strong insistence on quality, Google has become second to none.

Next, we have Zuckerberg’s baby: Facebook. Everyone who’s anyone has a Facebook account; I bet your pet even has one! Faring well against other social media giants, Facebook has not been dethroned since the time of its conception. Talk about a big shot!

Lastly, we have YouTube – the Queen of Search Engines. Coming only second to Google, YouTube is the best in its field, delivering high quality videos to people in all places. If you’re curious to know how much these big shots are earning by the minute, you might want to check out the link below!