5 Ways to Keep Your Thoughts Organized Throughout the Day

Have you ever felt jumbled and mentally unprepared for the day ahead? Or, are you simply too tired to think after a strenuous afternoon of overthinking? If yes is your reply to either, or both, of these questions, then you definitely need a few methods for keeping your thoughts organized throughout the day.

Take a Moment to Reflect and Refresh

When you feel puzzled and mentally overworked, it’s because your brain needs a refresh. Take 20 minutes. Sit in a quiet room, clear your mind, and reflect on your day. Let the thoughts come in and flow out without thinking too hard on them. Close your eyes, re-center yourself by counting your breaths, and let your mind feel refreshed and positive. Sometimes you need to press pause before you can continue with your day.
Write Down Any Pressing or Important Thoughts

Writing down thoughts is the quickest way to see them and get them out of your head. When you write something down, you are moving it to somewhere tangible. Somewhere you can look at it and either deal with it or push it to the side for later. Use sticky pads, tack up your most important thoughts, and move on to something else. Or, if you want to go the personalizer and planner route, visit online sticker makers to customize stickers that organize your calendar with important reminders.

Get Excited About Your Ideas

Excitement comes with positive perspective. Ergo, when you get excited about your creative ideas, you feel empowered and fresh. Build yourself up with praise and feelings of accomplishment instead of tearing yourself down with over-analysis and negativity.

Cement Thoughts to Actions ASAP

As soon as you have a must-do thought, then you should do it. Take action. Don’t let pressing thoughts simmer in your mind until they drive you bonkers. Use your time and energy to make things happen.

Make a PC or Post-It Memo for Later

Computers are great tools when it comes to getting your thoughts on paper and getting more organized. You can create new files, use the sticky notes app, and sort through the inner workings of your mind with the help of electronics. It’s a wonderful thing. Plus, if you don’t want to deal with something immediately, you can always save it on your PC for later.

You are not some crazy overthinker that is destined to feel miserable and overworked all of the time. The sooner you believe that, the better you can organize your thoughts and better plan for your future.