Key Elements to Look for During the Interview Process

Navigating the hiring process can seem endless and daunting. Wading through numerous applications and resumes to find the candidate with the perfect collection of qualifications is a tedious but necessary step of the hiring process. Once the best potential applicants are weeded out, the next step is to begin interviewing each one. Some employers choose to start by scheduling a phone interview to get a feel for the person before inviting them to interview in person. In whatever way the process is carried out, knowing what to look out for during an interview can be the difference between employing someone who will grow with the company for many years and a person who looks great on paper but isn’t suitable for the workload. 

Verify a Candidate’s History 

Using an identity service to check a potential employees background is an indispensable tool when hiring someone new. Whether you are hiring for a large corporation or looking into a full-time nanny, knowing a person’s work and criminal history is a must. This will also allow an interviewer to know what a contender may have left off their resume or avoided talking about during an interview.  

Observe an Applicant’s Attitude 

A few red flags to look out for may not be on their resume at all. See if they were polite to the receptionist and people they encountered when they arrived. Any candidate can give good eye contact and smile, but the way they treat the people around them is a good sign on how they will behave when they come to work each day. 

Look out for applicants that seem combative toward their previous employers or co-workers or who refuse to explain gaps in their work history. Most people are honestly looking for a good job that they can grow with. Carefully checking a person’s background and observing their treatment of the people around them are great ways to help find the right person for the job. …